Pagesonline allows you to fully customize your online publications to fit your own branding and corporate identity. Eliminating the hassle of printing and transport and enabling you to see exactly how many people read your publication, aswell as exactly which pages were visited, our new technology is a glimpse of the future. Some of the features of this technology include:

CONTROL – You have complete control over every step of the process

TRACKING – Statistics allow you to track everything that your customer has visited or clicked into

UNRESTRICTED ACCESS – You can view your publication when you want, where you want

COST EFFICIENT – You save costs on printing, transport and distribution

ONLINE READERSHIP – You instantly have a global audience for your publication

SAVE THE EARTH – Less prinitng means less trees cut down, thus doing your bit for mother nature
Other features included in our package are:

  • Link Importing
  • Insert Links
  • Insert Images
  • Insert Video
  • Insert RSS Feeds
  • Insert Audio
  • Interactive Forms
  • Automated Actions/Interactions
  • On-Page Flash
  • Social Media Integration
  • Send To A Friend
  • Insert Background Images
  • Social Media Quickshare (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Insert Banners
  • Change All Colour Settings
  • Navigation Setup
  • Button Customization
  • Template Module
  • Editable Skins
  • Welcome Greeting
  • Thumbnail Index
  • Bookmarks
  • Multilingual Setup
  • Zoom
  • Custom Window Size

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